All projects need to be registered with your science teacher
by Saturday 12/12/2020

STEM Fair Layout


The  STEM – Science /Technology/Engineering/Mathematics - FAIR


PURPOSE: The purpose of the STEM FAIR is to provide a venue for students to  

                   engage in a competition which will help them focus on the scientific  

                    process and reward them for their efforts.

WHEN: , Saturday, January 23, 2021 at 8:00 am

WHERE: West Geauga Middle School Gymnasium

2021 Stem Fair Schedule of Events 

08:00 – 11:00              Math Competition                                         Library

08:00                            Doors open at for Individual Project Setup           Gymnasium

08:30 – Completion   Judging of Individual Project        


09:15                           Junk Box War Briefing                                 Cafeteria 

                                    How Do I Fare Briefing                                 Room 34

09:30                          Junk Box War Design/Construction   



11:00                      Junk Box War Construction Ends/ Testing    


Award Ceremony for Math, Projects, & How Do I Fare in Gym Post  Project Judging 

Award Ceremony for Junk Box War Post Competition

The West Geauga Kiwanis Club is now underway in preparing for the 2021 STEM Fair on January 23rd.  STEM Fair is an acronym for
science/technology/engineering & math.  Students from
West Geauga High School, Middle School, Home Schooled in the WG School District, Key Club Members, and invited students, who will be conducting individual research projects of their own choice as well as problem solving competitions.


  Students will also be competing with individual technical research projects of their own interest.  In addition, students may choose to compete in math,  and the popular Junk Box War.  Kiwanis members will be visiting the schools to answer questions of students who wish to participate.  As you may recall, West Geauga was one of only three high schools in the country to receive Intel's prestigious Technology Award.


If you are interested in the success of our high school in technology, be sure to attend  the STEM Fair on Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 at 8:00 AM to find out more.


  For further information call / email

       Rich Levine, Chairman






INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS: Students must register their entry forms with a  

                      description of their project by December 12th, 2020.                 

                     All projects must be signed by their Science Teacher, parent or  

                          guardian (if home schooled).                                                                                                      

                      Only one student per entry please. Group projects will be

                       considered for judging post discussion with science teacher.

                       Student Project Exhibits must be setup before 8:30 am, Saturday January 23rd, 2020

                       and ready for  judging. Students must be present during judging

The Kiwanis Club of West Geauga will follow the

Ohio Academy of Science 2019-2020

Science Day Standards 2019-2020


Table-top display dimensions shall not exceed 36 inches (91 cm) wide by 30 inches (76 cm) deep. The top of the display shall not be more than 85 inches (216 cm) above floor level or 55 inches (140 cm) above a 30inch high table. Extensions of a project beyond the state limits will result in dismantling or severe modification of the display, and may disqualify the student’s participation.

                       The exhibit must be sturdy enough to stand on its own. Assume drafts and possible bumps during display.

SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS: Do not display anything that could injure a small

                        child or could harm anyone who might touch it.

                        Do not display food of any type – use pictures.

DISQUALIFICATION: The violation of any rule may mean disqualification.


JUDGING: Two judges will review and evaluate your Research Project. The

                         judges are professionals and teachers in the field of Science,

                         Engineering, and Technology.

CRITERIA FOR JUDGING: The following is a description of the criteria

                          that will be used in evaluating and scoring your Research Project

 AWARDS: First, Second and Third Place Winners will receive Cash Awards, and

                          a Certificate.


        I.               Junk Box War

A.      Juniors and Seniors only

B.      Assemble in Cafeteria for briefing at 9:15 and combined start at 9:30

C.       Teams of three compete to build a device from a kit of parts to most successfully accomplish a task.

D.      Team have 2 hours to design and build their device

E.       At completion of build time, teams take turns competing against one another to accomplish the given task