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Here comes the Circus!!

  July 30th, 2016
  Two Shows !!
at the West G High School Grounds

south parking lot (between the High School and the Library)

 Saturday, July 30th:    2:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

Buy Tickets On-Line!

The traditional “old style” circus will present four performances

 Everyone should come out at 
08:00  on July (to be announced)
to see the unloading of the animals and the circus setup.  About 9am the Big Top will be raised with the help of the elephants.  A guide will be provided to explain the happenings and to answer questions
  This part of the show is FREE.

 This is a great event!

Advance Ticket sales will be at Discount Drug Mart in Chesterland, Chagrin Falls (Rt. 306 and Washington St.),  Mentor (Rt 20 near 615), and Highland Heights (Alpha Drive).  Tickets will be available throughout store hours until the night of July 28th - ; Discount Drug Mart closes at 10pm.

Several factors come into play; advance sale tickets, at any of the four locations above, cost is reduced from gate sales price-  check back soon for pricing
If you are seeking seating in the special section, it is an additional $2 per ticket and this can be purchased only at the gate.

The advantages of purchasing in advance are, the price (of course), the Kiwanis Club gets a larger percentage, and there is a possibility that when you get to the Circus, they could be sold out.  Usually the later show is much more crowded that the early show, so it is recommended that you attend early show, if possible.  Whichever you choose, come early; It is a first come, first served for seating preferences.

Reserved seats, in the front, are available at the box office for an additional $2 per seat.

A number of tickets have been provided by local businesses
 and the hospitality of the circus to permit people
living in group homes (Metzenbaum, assisted living, and some others)
to attend the circus for no charge to them.

Tickets are priced at:                            Adults                Children
    Purchased in Advance:                    $12.00                    $6.00
    Purchased at the Box Office:           $16.00                   $8.00

Reserved seating is available for $2 per seat and these tickets can only be purchased at the gate

The 2015 season promises to be more exciting than ever with many new acts and entertainers to amaze and amuse you. 
Come out and enjoy a fun filled excitement at the circus.


This is the same circus the Kiwanis Club has brought to Chesterland in the past
the audience was thrilled with such great entertainment. .


The Big Top holds a maximum of 1500 people
 so you are always
close to the performance.
 Concessions are reasonably priced.  Animal rides are available for a small fee

For Circus related information, see their web site:  http://www.kellymillercircus.com/


  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me .

Bob Steinberg
email:  sirgwhiz@gmail.com
home:  440-729-6244
cell:     440-823-8945